The Corporate Girl Story

Hey girl hey!! Welcome to The Corporate Girl community! For starters I want to say Thank You. Thank you for your continuous support. The Corporate Girl planner has been a long time coming. From childhood to adulthood, I have always been organized and did things very systematically, it was embedded in me as a child. I distinctly remember sitting at the table with my mom and watching her plan the bills out for the month, creating the grocery list on a strict budget and even documenting her daily devotional in spiral bound notebooks. Funds for a planner would have been a luxury. My mom had mastered the craft of planning and didn't even know it. As I became a teenager, I was entering into the Sanrio era, what a time to be alive!! I was working at Popeye's for $5.50/hr, and I GLADLY spent my whole first check at the Hello Kitty store. I had FINALLY arrived!!! Check out me and my new planner, stickers, mechanical pencils and clear pencil pouch!! I felt like I was the hottest girl in 8th grade. Unfortunately, the hype was all in my head. But, that's how my new planner and accessories made me feel, and honestly can you blame me, lol. Now in my adult years, buying the perfect planner always brings me a small piece of happiness and I feel like the hottest girl in the 8th grade all over again.

Over the next few years I started climbing the corporate ladder and my personal life started flourishing, I realized I had multiple planners, which was becoming a hassle. More recently, I started to think, "There's got to be a way to combine the board room, daily organization, and bill planning." From that time on, I started to slowly piece together the perfect planner, and here we are today. It is my hope that this daily planner gives you the opportunity to plan out your most important moments. Also, hopefully this planner gives you an opportunity to capture important meeting notes and even document the thing or moments you're most grateful for each day. The Daily Docket is an outline to help guide you by the hour, capture the calls you need to make, emails you need to send, and notate your priorities. The Meeting Overview was created to guide you through tasks that need to be created, new task items, and future dated task items. When you leave out of your business meeting, hopefully these pages allow you to organize your thoughts and refer back when you need to reflect. This planner was created for The Corporate Girl in all of us who wake up, hustle and get things done all while wearing a cute red lipstick, or nude, that's your business, lol. Use this planner however you see fit and make it the best planner experience. Design, create and have fun planning. Share your daily gratitude and challenge yourself to be consistent. Often times we start planning, we stop and then just start over next year. But, since it's a 6-month planner, challenge yourself to be consistent.

Even if you need to take a break, commit to come back after the break. You got this!!

With Love,

Your Favorite Corporate Girl